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Intelligent document processing

Eliminating repetitive tasks

In the last couple of decades, we've gained access to incredible technologies and still, we are processing the majority of our documents by hand. These repetitive tasks don't require our full attention and cost enormous amounts of time. These are the ideal tasks for our intelligent and self-learning document processing platform, Klassif.ai.

Computer vision

Seeing what humans can't see

With our computer vision expertise, we can train computers to interpret and understand digital images with deep learning models. This way, machines can accurately identify and classify objects, and react to what they see. Computer vision can be used for image classification, facial recognition, image segmentation, among others.

Structured data analysis

Let's get your data analyzed

Deep learning has mainly made waves as a way to make computers understand new types of data, like images or language. However, these algorithms can be used to tackle more structured data, like Excel files, SQL databases, and so on. Using the advanced pattern finding capabilities of deep learning algorithms on structured data allows you to uncover underlying patterns in your data and to use these patterns to predict the future!

Semantic matching of competences and skills

VDAB has an ever-growing database of over 11.000 competencies, skills, and knowledge elements. The aim of this project was to build an AI-based solution that automatically links similar competencies.

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