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VRT NU offers the possibility to rewatch episodes of your favorite shows. The classification of these episodes was done manually by VRT’s editors. To make this more efficient, we provided automatic chaptering.

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Chemical company

For a leading chemical player, we built a presentation assistant that uses AI to evaluate training videos and give targeted feedback. Could this be the end of sleep-inducing videos? 

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pcfruit wanted to explore the capabilities of artificial intelligence applied to blueberry farming.

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Van Marcke

Every day, hundreds of order confirmations arrive in Van Marcke's mailbox. Until recently, processing this information was done entirely manually. To free up time, Van Marcke called in our AI expertise.

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MOW Vlaanderen

Bridge inspection to detect signs of failure early is crucial but difficult. In this project, we validated the use of deep learning for automated crack detection with the use of drones.


VDAB has an ever-growing database of over 11.000 competencies, skills, and knowledge elements. The aim of this project was to build an AI-based solution that automatically links similar competencies.

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HVW receives a lot of paper documents to process daily, creating a considerable administrative burden. To optimize this administrative process, HVW looked in the direction of artificial intelligence.

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Jewelry webshop

For a big jewelry webshop, we built an image search function based on similarity embedding to simplify the classification of jewels.


How we built machine learning algorithms to help predict regulations for EUROCONTROL to help airports anticipate flight delays

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TVH Equipment

When the number of orders increases but the size of the customer support team remains constant, time is of the essence. Therefore, TVH Equipment decided to start processing its documents with AI.

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