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Brainjar is the partner you need for end-to-end machine learning applications and general consulting. Our all-round team works on more than machine learning algorithms, including user interface (UI) design, systems integration, and client communication as crucial elements for any project.

Using a data-driven approach, we put digital brains into your business processes and work towards a true AI business model.

With a sister company specialized in robotic process automation software, we create full-scale applications to integrate into the customer's system. We provide clear documentation and easy access to your newly optimized and structured data, securing knowledge transfer, and maintainability.

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As part of our DNA, we have extensive experience using prototyping to demonstrate the business value of new technology to our customers. With an efficient approach, we build convincing application demonstrators at minimal cost, while focusing on maximal code reusability when moving to a full-scale application.

Full scale applications

Creating actual business value is key, that's why we match state-of-the-art technology with production-grade standards and reliability. We take care of the entire process: starting from a meeting with your domain- and business experts, we create a business- and technical proposal. During development we handle back-end integration and front-end design, working toward a complete integration with your systems.


Friends of AI, are friends of Brainjar! Teaming up with your domain experts during projects gives us a lot of energy. We are happy to train your people and make sure that all knowledge remains in-house. Let's exchange our knowledge and create some kickass applications together!

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Why we are different

Technological flexibility

We don't stick to a technology stack but strive for the technology that best suits the job. We are always up to date and keep up with the latest developments in AI, front-end, back-end, and cloud.

Focus on human-in-the-loop

Based on our extensive experience with machine learning projects, we developed a tried-and-tested approach that brings out the best in both machine and human intelligence. The lightspeed efficiency of our brains, combined with the domain knowledge of your employees, creates a combined system that’s fast, continuously learning and completely reliable.

End-to-end approach

Brainjar is your ideal partner to effortlessly integrate AI into your business. We follow a process that takes you from concept to a fully integrated application. We handle machine learning algorithms, take care of front-end design and back-end implementation, and finally work towards a perfect integration with your systems, on-premise or in the cloud.

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